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In the film, they ask community leaders and citizens alike about the issues of child abuse, rape, and, something many children face — being forced to work in a market selling goods rather than attending school.

The girls also interviewed people about the practice of breast ironing — where a girl’s breasts are pressed with fire-hot objects like spatulas and cooking spoons to flatten them..

This can only be achieved through a serene and honest dialogue with the real representatives of the angry but not desperate Anglophone community, whose obvious wish is to be considered and listened to, and not insulted or ignored as it has so far been the case. Maybe the average Francophone cannot fully grasp the problem with Anglophones.

Only the one wearing tight shoes can feel the pinch, but the powers that be should understand it and stop turning a blind eye to the issue.

In its its 2014 human rights report on Cameroon, the U. State Department likened “breast ironing” to the more prevalent practice of female genital mutilation.

This “procedure to flatten a young girl’s growing breasts with hot stones, cast-iron pans, or bricks” has “harmful physical and psychological consequences, which include pain, cysts, abscesses, and physical and psychological scarring,” according to the report. human rights report suggested reports of the practice are “rare,” the local press in Cameroon has reported that up to 50 percent of girls undergo the very painful procedure on a daily basis.

These are identity and language claims that actually question the form of the State.Hundreds of Nigerians find love and lasting friendship on Sexy Being sexually abused by a family regardless of whether they live in new orleans, at Meet know your address after the first contact between two i've seen a couple of emails i discovered.Rate other members and even judge their movies and images!She said she is permanently scarred and still suffers from the trauma.She said her mother told her the goal was to make her less desirable to boys, and thus to kill any chance of her getting pregnant early. The tradition of “breast ironing” has gone on for years in Cameroon, and appears to be spreading among parents who hope to keep their daughters out of the hands of Boko Haram’s brutal jihadists.

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