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Thankfully, Calvin tweeted out a You Tube link to the full video Thursday morning."How Deep Is Your Love" stars Gigi Hadid, noted Taylor Swift #squad member, as a woman who wakes up after some sort of surgery and decides to party.The ' Summer' DJ is our Man Crush Monday this week and between his incredible music, sexy accent and gym-toned body, it's not hard to see why. Calvin Harris and London-based producers Disciples released their video for "How Deep Is Your Love" earlier this week on Tidal, which, if the continued string of departing executives is any indication, is still not all that popular. Sound off below, and check out the steamy video above!

She wrote: 'I've been thinking I want to make a career change.

The "How I Met Your Mother" star is lending his voice -- and his good looks -- to promote the new "SLEEP with neuro" drink campaign. Oh, come on, don't make me lie awake here all night long/Sleep you're all I want because you know how to keep me going strong."NPH teamed up with "Fame" actor singer Asher Monroe and rapper Problem to create the sexy music video. According to a survey conducted by Neuro's Sleep brand, 35 percent of people asked chose Neil Patrick Harris as the celebrity they would most like to have a slumber party with.

In the video for the "sleep" water, Neil is showing some skin in revealing silky pajamas while sitting on a rose pedal-filled bed and repeatedly reciting his desire to "just wanna sleep.""Because nothing soothes me the same way," he sings.

She was joined by a couple of other dancers in the studio and was seen shaking her behind while whipping her hair around and rolling around seductively on the floor.

Lauren penned alongside her videos: 'Loved going back to dancing tonight can't wait show you little project I'll be doing ...

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In fact, the whole thing is very reminisict of the Xbox One S with its circular grills for ventilation and smaller size compared to the Xbox One.