Rubygems not updating whos dating jared padalecki

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gem update jekyll Updating installed gems ERROR: While executing gem ...

(Gem:: Remote Fetcher:: Fetch Error) SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certif icate verify failed ( C:\windows\system32gem sources -a recommended for security over you want to add this insecure source?

Though Ruby Gems has existed since Ruby 1.8, it was not a part of the standard Ruby distribution until Ruby 1.9.

Finally I decided to update from the rubygems source which did resolve the problem.

Ruby Gems is a package management framework for Ruby. You must have an installation of Ruby Gems before this update can be applied.

Resolving all dependencies from scratch can have surprising results, especially if a number of the third-party packages you depend on have released new versions since you last did a full update.

Ruby Gems is a package manager for the Ruby programming language that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries (in a self-contained format called a "gem"), a tool designed to easily manage the installation of gems, and a server for distributing them.

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In our example, you only have three dependencies, but even in this case, updating everything can cause complications.