Eclipse updating maven dependencies disable

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Nowadays, major IDEs support annotation processing almost out of the box.However, something usually has to be configured or quirks may exist that prevent the processor from functioning correctly.

My environment consists of a mixture of Maven and Gradle projects which seems to cause issues with the downloading of source by the Gradle eclipse plug-in.The annotation processor that is to be plugged into a given IDE is built as single jar without external dependencies.Here's a dialog configuration example to manually configure the annotation processor assuming that jar is already installed in the local Maven repository.However, it does download the source jars and so the entries in the .classpath have no source attachments.OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 14.393 Selenium Version: Java 3.4.0 Browser: N/A IDE: Eclipse Neon .3 Since the release of Selenium Java 3.4.0 client, I have been trying to pull the Maven Dependency for Selenium Java 3.4.0: org.seleniumhq.selenium selenium-java 3.4.0 While I was able to create a clean Maven package, every time I attempted to update the project, I have received a Null Point Exception: Since my IDE displays no other logs, I am unable to pinpoint the cause of this issue.

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