Dating coleman lanterns

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In the early 1930s Coleman made this F146 lantern for Sunshine Products Co., Chicago, Illinois, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coleman.Note the so-called carburetor valve enters the fount not the base rest.This lantern instant lights using the carburetor valve to feed gasoline from the fount.

We have no record that Coleman marketed this model sold with their company name on the lantern This lantern is in Brian Passananti's collection Please contact me if you have a F146 lantern with either collar badge. The ventilator doesn't take a ball nut but has a threaded insert so that a shade can be fitted and it can serve as a lamp.

Every Craigslist in the country has Coleman stoves listed often for or less, which if you think about it, won't get you a set of Snow Peak Chopsticks. There is a gasket under the filler cap, so get a new cap with an old stove.

Coleman stoves from the 50s and 60s can be made to run again like new, and when you consider the fuel is part of the stove, they don't take up a huge amount of room. Regarding dual fuel vs white gas, here is the deal...isn't marketing.

The Coleman Company made a demonstration lamp (left) to support their Instant-Lite patent; note the presence of the sight glass to see fuel and/or air moving up to the generator. Jim Nichols modified an early 220B by adding a heat deflector and sight glass (2nd from left).

In the instant lite position, air bubbles and fuel pass through the sight glass (2nd from right) while in the run position, only fuel passes through the sight glass (right).

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Seems like just a marketing gimmick Thx 1999 GMC K2500 BURBAN, NAVISTAR enhanced 6.5 td aftercooled, dual alt's, PSC p/s pump w/HD cooler, redundant FSD's, HEATH program, turbine/downpipe wrapped, 4" SS exhaust, real time OBD2 data logging w/device controller, EVANS waterless coolant @ zero (0) psi & 135 gpm pump, 4L80e w/kevlar and premium steel w/cryo treated input/output shafts running @ 100 deg.

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